Do We Need Travel Guide or Just By Our Own?

Selasa, September 01, 2015

               Are travel guide is really needed when you are going to travel? Cant you survive by your own? Actually whether you use travel guide or not, it depends on the individual itself since some of them prefer to travel alone because they want to explore the country that they visit by themselves. But some of them really want the travel guide to ease their journey, helping them exploring the country, explain to them about those places. A tour guide is a person who have a lot of experiences being in another country and they also need to be trust-able as their customer relying on them in order to have fun travelling in other country. "Tour guides must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the cities, regions and countries where they work. It is the responsibility of the tour guide to help travellers understand the culture of the region and the way of life of its inhabitants. They have to promote the cultural and natural heritage and at the same time impress on the visitors the significance of the place they are visiting". (Wilson, November 3, 2008). 

One of travel guide is explaining about the place that they go.

       Tour guides also can be called as face of the tourism, they influenced the tourist to attract more to the place. By hiring tour guide, your journey on your holiday will be interesting and smooth, as they will always be with you. Those tour guides will do their best in explaining about the place to you, take care of your safety and provide advise along your journey. If we have any problem with communication, or anything else , they will surely helping us. If we look at other side, which means, we are going to travel by our own without hiring and using any tour guides, there are some good reasons why we choose so. One of them is , we can have more privacy as we can move freely because we do not have to follow the schedules. Then, we can learn how to survive by our own, and we will be more eager to explore the places by ourselves.  Independent Traveler.Com (n.d) explained, "In places that are exceptionally rich in historical or cultural significance, an educated tour guide can offer a depth of experience and knowledge to which no guidebook, audio guide or plaque-reading will come even close. A good guide can explain the stories behind the complex carvings on an Indian"

Travel by your own trigger your mind more.


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