Travelling and Experience the Nature or Big City ?

Rabu, September 02, 2015

Video of Shiretoko National Park

          There are two types of people who loves travelling. Ones prefer more to enjoy the nature rather than staying and visiting big cities. While ones loves to explore those big cities, go shopping and so on. Usually, the ones who loves extreme activities will have more preferences in exploring and enjoying the nature.There are many activities that they can do while they travel such as sightseeing in the forest, jungle trekking, camping, swimming at the waterfall and so on. Most of them usually does not care where they should stay at night, they just can build up their tent in the jungle explore more about the natural environment. In Hokkaido, Japan, there is one place that has been designated as a world natural heritage site called Shiretoko. "It is such a beautiful places that has been spotted as a magnificent natural area by tourist who visit there. There are many activities to enjoy here, such as trekking on the wild bird-populated shores of the five lakes of Shiretoko, boat cruises from which you can see waterfalls that are over a hundred meter high as well as brown bears, and much more explained by Japan Monthly Web Magazine" (n.d). The crystal, clear streams and endless natural wildlife has been an attraction to animal and nature lover around the world. 

Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko National Park

          Instead of travelling around the natural environment, they are people who love travelling in big city. They loves to shopping, visiting memorial building and museum. Itally, London and New York City is famous places that they love to go. In the big cities, there are lot of luxury shopping outlets, huge shopping mall, a long street where people can just enjoy their coffee and bread while reading newspaper. In London, they can enjoy the night view on the famous and huge London Eye and they can spend their time taking photos at Madame Tussauds London where it place life size wax models of celebrities. "You could spend days just shopping in London, mixing with the upper classes in the “tiara triangle” around Harrods, or sampling the offbeat weekend markets of Portobello Road, Brick Lane and Camden". (Rough Guides. n.d.) 

New York City / NYC

Few of wax figures in Madame Tussauds, London.

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