Unique Places Around the World

Khamis, September 03, 2015

              Without we knowing, there are a lot of unique places around the world. Most of this unique places are hidden and well preserved. Some of it are like a fantasy places that we could not imagine it. One of them are in Pamukkale, Turkey. This place is a hot spring that heated by an underground volcano. Because of some scientific reasons, vast whiteness around the pool are created and people keep calling the place as white castle or cotton castle. It has been used a healing spa for thousand of years. "To help preserve the area, hotels and access roads were taken down and man-made pools were created to help in keeping the natural beauty of Pamukkale." (Matyszewski A. September 6, 2011). In Sweden, there are ice hotel. A hotel for tourist that is fully made by ice. Those tourist who came will need to sleep on bed from ice. Everything were made from ice, including church, hall, bar and even glass were made from ice. (May, R. n.d.). Travelling would be interesting if you have a chance to visit those unique places. That is why, it is important for us to have some research about the country that we are going to visit. We can know if there is any unique place in the country. 

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Pamukkale, Turkey

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